Our community decided in 2008 that the mission of our parish was life-long learning. Everything we do centers around teaching the depth and richness of the Roman Catholic Faith. Our weekly 3-Minute Catechesis is read from the Ambo prior to Mass beginning. A written copy is made available in our weekly bulletin along with additional information for those who want to learn more. Visit us online at www.risensaviorcc.org for more information.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ministry to the Homebound

Every week Ministers of Holy Communion from Risen Savior take the Eucharist to parishioners who are either homebound or in nursing homes within our parish boundaries.  Currently there are some six nursing or skilled care centers along with dozens of private homes which have been converted to serve as long-term care centers, in the parish.  These, combined with individuals living in their own homes and parishioners who are experiencing short-term stays in the hospital, means that we are taking Holy Communion to literally hundreds of individuals each week. 
To assist our priests and deacons a small, but faithful, group from the parish visits the shut-ins each week.  However, the number of ministers is dwindling and the need grows larger with every passing month.  We are actively searching for new ministers.
This ministry is for those called by compassion to be the presence of Christ to the most vulnerable.  The ministry to the sick and aging is one of attentive listening and presence, giving the Eucharist and sharing prayer.  It is the ministry of the Body of Christ taking the Body of Christ to the Body of Christ and is, perhaps, the earliest ministry in the Church, dating back to apostolic times.
Ministry to the homebound is both challenging and rewarding. Confirmed Catholics are encouraged to join the ministry.  There is a short training program and you will be mentored by an experienced minister. 

Won’t you search your heart and pray whether God is calling you to become a part of this incredible ministry?  For more information please contact Deacon Mark or Kevin Newman at the parish.

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